How to Submit to Live NFT Auction Hosted by Zaytech

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For starters, all NFT submissions for Zaytech’s Live NFT Auction must be minted with Ravencoin. If you are unsure of how to create an NFT, thre is a free workshop every Monday at 4pm pacific time on a virtual platform called Braveland that goes step by step on how to make your first NFT. Be sure to follow @ksaleh on Twitter as he posts updates regarding the workshops.

Additionally, Zaytech can create an artist’s NFT and then get it approved for the auction. Therefore, the artist can either make the NFT themselves or just submit the design and and Zaytech can mint it for them.

The artist has to choose one of Zaytech’s existing assets, and Zaytech will make their NFT under that asset.

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Once you have created your NFT and ready to submit it to Zaytech’s Live NFT Auction, the next step is to go on Zaytech’s website and click on our auction tab click here: or email us You will be asked to fill out the form, which will ask you questions about your contact information, NFT information, and your opening bid. Please make sure you white label Zaytech’s email address so that our emails reach you directly. Also, be sure to fill out the form truthfully, and everything on it is correct.

Nonetheless, creating an NFT and putting it up for auction will not guarantee that someone will want to bid on it. There are many variables to consider when making the NFT that is not obvious on the surface. Will people respond well to the art piece you associated with your NFT? Like any other artist, you have to make sure that there is a market for your art, and does it translate well into a digital form? A physical art piece may not look good in a digital format that people can only access on a computer. So, find the best way possible to present your art as an NFT.

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Lately, artists have been pairing the physical form of their art with its NFTs, which creates a greater incentive for bidders to want that NFT. A painting, for instance, can be turned into an NFT, and that same painting can be auctioned off with its NFT.

If a physical item is not possible, then there are many other ways to generate high bids for your NFT. One of those ways is to tell a story about your NFT. Artists give their NFT more value when explaining the idea behind their art. It could build awareness for a cause or cultural significance from that artist’s heritage. Even explaining the creation of the art can motivate people to bid on your NFT because they will understand the work put into it. Maybe showing a video clip on how drawing the fur on your portrait of an animal took painstaking long to produce that level of detail for it to look realistic. An NFT may look simple on the surface, and so people will assume the creation process did not take long or the artist put not much thought into it. Therefore, it’s beneficial to present your NFT with a good story.

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Spreading the word of the auction for your NFT can help boost your chances for better bids as well. By telling friends or fans of your work to participate in the auction, it can give your NFT more exposure if those you’ve notified about the auction also told others. Social media is another excellent way to spread the word of the auction and your NFT, especially if you have a good following of people. Even if you don’t have many followers, you can use hashtags or join communities to reach the masses. As long as those people you tell about the auction have some knowledge in crypto and NFTs. NFTs are not well known outside the cryptocurrency world, so people need to be educated on it before committing to an NFT auction.

Submit your NFT or Design Today for a chance to have it available for the Live Auction: Submit Here

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